Please contact the Midland County Road Commission at 989-687-9060 for any of the following: driveway permits, road plowing, block parties and street signs.

To request a road to be fixed or repaired: A letter must be submitted to the Township Board by the October Board Meeting to be considered the following year.


The Road Commission would like to present some information to help make your winter a little less stressful. 

More often than not, damage to mailboxes is caused by snow coming off the blade and pushing against weakened posts or hardware. If you can shake your mailbox, it probably needs maintenance. Take time now to make any repairs needed so your mailbox will be strong enough to survive the winter.


  • Your mailbox is in the road right of way and is allowed by road commissions as a convenience to you.
  • Flying snow makes it look like snow plow trucks are traveling much faster than they are, but the average speed of travel is about 25 m.p.h. Even at this speed, the force of the snow being pushed off the road can damage mailboxes and other roadside items.
  • If our snow plow physically hits your mailbox, the Road Commission will replace it with a standard size mailbox. If your mailbox is damaged by snow or ice as the plow truck removes snow, it is up to the property owner to repair.
  • Pushing snow across county roads or onto shoulders may cause hazards to motorists.  Michigan Act 82, of 1978, prohibits this practice. In addition, snow must be piled in such a way as not to obstruct motorist’s vision.
  • Place your garbage container as far off the road as possible and place it just before your driveway. If your garbage container gets hit with flying snow it will be pushed into your driveway and not into the ditch.

 All other road concerns, please contact the office at 989-835-6399.