Complaint Policy and Form


Any written complaint filed must be in writing. 

Written complaint must include name, address and phone number of person filing complaint. 

Written complaint must include name and address of landowner who the complaint is written about as well as include nature of complaint. 

Office professional will transfer complaint to the Citizen's Complaint database and retain original complaint in Complaint binder. 

Zoning Enforcement is notified and investigates complaint within 15 days. 

Once Zoning Enforcement investigates the complaint and if it is determined that a violation exists, then the Township sends a certified letter stating the violation along with a copy of the ordinance.

If corrections to the problem have not been met in accordance with the timeframe given to the landowner, a ticket will be issued.

(Approved by Larkin Township Board on July 12, 2011)


This page last updated on 9/26/2019.