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Welcome to Larkin Charter Township

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday
8 AM to 1 PM

JULY 2022 BOARD OF REVIEW:  Tuesday, July 19, 2022 11:00-12:00 noon
Larkin Township Office, 3027 N. Jefferson Rd, Midland MI 48642

The 2022 JULY BOARD OF REVIEW will meet to correct mutual mistakes of fact or clerical errors (Section 211.53b MCL), homeowner's principal residence exemption appeals (Sections 211.7cc (13) and 211.7e (6) MCL, poverty exemption appeals (Section 211.7u MCL) Disabled Veterans Exemption (section 211.7B MCL) and rescission appeals (Section 211.7cc (10) MCL) effecting assessment and taxation of property within LARKIN CHARTER TOWNSHIP, as presented by the Assessor.

2022 Fire Department Board Presentation

2022 Best Places to Live in Michigan:  Larkin Charter Township made #26 on list by Niche! See full article.


Want to be more involved in your community?  Want to help make sure every voter’s vote counts?  Become part of the Larkin Township Election Inspector Team.  You will receive training, support, and pay for your time.  We are looking for people with positive attitudes and those who pay attention to detail.


  • Must be a qualified and registered voter (unless you are 16 or 17)
  • Must declare a party preference (cannot e independent or unaffiliated)
  • Cannot serve if you have been convicted of a felony or election crime
  • Cannot be a candidate or a member of a candidate’s “immediate family”

TOWNSHIP PROPERTY FOR SALE Click Here to View Listings, contact Shannon Killinger, 989-859-2172, direct office number 989-698-1220 or by email

Larkin Charter Township welcomes you to our website.  On this site you can find out about the services we provide, give us feedback and learn about our community.

If interested in receiving community alerts, click on the following link for additional details: New Public Notification System from Midland 911.

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