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Building Department

Building and Electrical 

Larkin Township's Building and Electrical Permits and Inspections are handled through the Township Code Authority.

Contact the Township Code Authority 

for any permits or inspections needed for Larkin Charter Township

Township Code Authority

220 W Ellsworth St., Midland, MI   48640, Office:  989-837-6521

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Larkin Township

Zoning Administrator:

Chuck Goodman, Cell: 989-513-3059, Email: chgoodmans53@gmail.com

Zoning Permits from Larkin Township:

* Required for any agricultural building and residential building (no matter what size) or any kind including sheds, garages, and pole barns. Permit fee is $50.00/ Effective 1/1/23 Permit Fee is $75.00

                                    Zoning Permit Application


 Before starting construction, the following permits may be required:

  • Zoning Permits from Larkin Township.
  • Building and Electrical Permits from Township Code Authority
  • Plumbing and Mechanical Permits from the Township Code Authority, 989-837-6521.
  • Soil & Erosion Permits from Midland County Drain Commission Office, 989-832-6770.
  • Well and Septic Permits from the Midland County Health Department, 989-832-6679. 
This page last updated on 12/20/2022.

3027 N. Jefferson|Midland, MI 48642|989-835-6399|Officemanager@larkintwp.com